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My Passion Became My Purpose

In August of 2014, I suffered a stress fracture in my hip and was devastated when the doctor told me I would be on crutches for 8 weeks. Little did I know I wouldn't be able to walk for an additional 6 months. I spent August 10th, 2014-January 5th, 2015 on crutches and enduring invasive hip surgery. I cried every day and grieved that I couldn't walk or continue in my passion for training. It was during this tumultuous time in my life that I was able to focus on my mindset and how I chose to perceive everything.  I focused on what I was grateful for instead of focusing on what I didn’t have and I believe what we focus on expands in our lives. 

After 8 weeks, my doctor gave me the news that I needed to have surgery because the injury in my hip would likely recur if he didn’t stabilize it with hardware. I successfully rehabbed my own hip and entire leg after surgery. Rehabilitation is a slow process, but has taught and continues to teach me patience. Staying grateful has been key in taking control of my destiny. Every struggle we have is a opportunity for growth and evolution in our lives. 

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