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Perfect Guacamole

Perfect Guac!


Here's the perfect Guacamole made with one of the most perfect fruits known to mankind. Avocado. Love songs should be written about it's creamy texture, antioxidant content and perfect source of healthy fat. Until Bieb's starts to appreciate avocado the way it deserves, just my blogs will have to suffice 😊 


2 Avocado

4 cloves garlic, fresh and minced finely

1/3 a large onion (go more or less depending on your taste) 

4-6 tbsp fresh cilantro, minced finely

Juice of half one lime

Salt and Pepper to taste


Also great wit 2-3 Roma tomatoes if you're a fan of those!  not depicted because I had none when I made this, also a delicious version of this dip.


Add all ingredients to a bowl and mash. Zesty, fresh, fragrant, creamy, tasty, delicious. 

Suggestions: Add to grilled chicken (or tuna, or pork, or ahi...really any protein will do!) lettuce wraps, add to your morning omelette or scramble. Or you can of course eat it with chips, if that's your jam.





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