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If you're working out, but you're not eating healthily, you're spinning your wheels. 



Food is Medicine. It's not like medicine, it is medicine and it's more potent than anything you can find in a bottle.

It's hard not to deny that there is a major health crisis going on. Between increased rates of chronic disease including, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer to a wide array of nasty ingredients in our food, it seems that more people are becoming aware of what's going on, but may not necessarily know what to do to deal with these growing issues. The field of nutrition is overwhelming and confusing ! Especially with all the marketing fluff. It really saddens me, and has made me more driven to educate and help people navigate through their lives healthily and happily!This is where I come in. 

My objective is to help you sort through this mess of information and use realistic and effective techniques that promote wellness and allow you to reach your health, lifestyle, and wellness goals. 

By understanding your goals, I will construct a graduated and adaptable program, celebrating each positive step as a victory, and gradually reversing years of bad habits and unhealthy living. I am compassionate and understanding, and realize not only how hard it is to make changes, but the difficult task of making changes become permanent habits. Therefore, I’ll share practical, tangible tools and educational materials to accomplish and maintain your new habits.

My program starts with defining the WHY - Why do you want to make a change in your life? Losing weight, a healthy lifestyle, and feeling great are all results, but the underlying why is going to be the defining force behind your change.

The Perks of Working with Ashley: 

  • Transition to a well balanced diet without the stress
  • Learn how to use food as fuel and medicine, to nourish your body specifically.
  • Shop confidently for groceries while saving money & time
  • Learn how to order the most health supporting food at a restaurant
  • Understand and reduce food cravings
  • Loose extra pounds
  • Improve your digestion
  • Boost your energy
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Feel great and love your body
  • Boost Confidence 

  • Take back your health 

  • Nourish your DREAMS! 

Please contact me to schedule you FREE health consultation. 



6 Month Program to grow into vibrant health

It's time to become the CEO of your health and reach the goals you've dreamed of. My program consists of small steps that build on each other, by the time you complete it, you will have laid your foundation. Not just for healthy living, but to pursue your aspirations with passion and confidence. 

Program Includes: 

  • 50 Minute food cravings and health history breakout session
  • One-on-one 60 minute sessions ( Two times per month and can be done through phone or Skype if not located in Los Angeles region) 
  • A personalized eating plan with menu's designed for your individual needs. 
  • Methods to  transition to a well balanced plant-based diet so you can improve energy and feel great.  
  • A full set of notes on your progress and new recommendations to implement
  • A variety of informational handouts and recommended nutritional therapies.
  • Kitchen Detox: Includes a health food store tour, onsite pantry makeover, and invitation to one cooking class once per month. 
  • Exercises and tools to bump up your energy
  • Free email support between sessions
  • Your very own food journal 
  • Tons of quick and easy recipes
  • Motivational and emotional support throughout your journey


1 Day Workshop

Spend 3 hours with me cleaning out your kitchen or sharpening skills that you feel you need the most. These Intensives are great introductions to working with me and will set up your home and lifestyle for success in achieving your goals either at the beginning or at the end of any of the health coaching programs. They also stand alone as a little quick fix in a specific area of need.

  • Pantry Makeover
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Kitchen Tools Assessment
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Nutrition education

Contact me for a individualized meal plan or follow my blog for healthy, balanced and satisfying new recipes each week!

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