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  • I develop individualized, progressive, result-driven programs, not cookie cutter workouts.  Don't let anyone fool you - there is a science to training, reprogramming movement, and manipulating your anaerobic and aerobic systems to burn unwanted fat, tone up and/or build muscle.. I believe everyone can be better than they were yesterday. I design you're program to evolve with and for you, thus never plateauing and always engaging.
  • Functional Movement. By taking you through a functional movement screening, I'm able to see where you're tight or mobile, weak or strong, stable or unstable. I can see unsafe and inefficient movement patterns that when loaded will hurt you before you ever have a chance to get hurt. My programs are designed from the ground up and are in direct correlation with your bodies own limitations and or assets. 
  • Skinny is out. Strong is in.  Body composition matters more than weight. There are definitely exceptions, but for the most part we'll track your body fat or how much better your feeling with your new body! This allows me to see how much fat your burning and how much lean muscle mass your gaining. Lean muscle mass is what gives your rear a lift, your thighs definition and keeps your waist slender.
  • Constant improvement. Your personal program will continually change as you do. As we work together, you won't have to worry about plateaus, or moving backwards. You will be better every week, every month and every single year! 
  • I'm on this journey with you. I do these training sessions too. I understand that programming and training design are as much craft as they are science. I put myself through all my programs before I ever guide a client through it.

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